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Alive Inside (*Now available in English and Russian*) is the story of a terminally ill young girl desperate to save her life. She agreed to an experimental procedure in which her consciousness would be transferred out of her dying body and into a computer. It worked...

For a short time you will experience what her new "life" is like- the one she must now experience forever. Is the result the scientific breakthrough of the 21st century… or a fate worse than death? Meant to be played with headphones on and the lights off!

"Alive Inside" is what I would call an experimental kinetic visual novel. It's a story idea that comes from my own questions about life and death, what it means to be human, and whether we can or even should strive for immortality using technology. It's a psychological horror story that I would like to offer on Steam as a free to play game. The story is short- about 15 minutes long. I am planning a more traditional, longer prequel and sequel to make it into a series that I hope to get greenlit on Steam.

Install instructions

Download zip file, open with Winrar/Winzip, click the .exe file to launch!


Alive Inside 1.2.rar (47 MB)
Alive Inside 1.2 (58 MB)

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