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1000 years in the future, technology has made vast improvements in human lives...but has it made them happy?

The Search for Happiness is a short psychological visual novel that tells the story of Lyra, a girl who lives in virtual utopia free of disease, war, animosity and death. But something is missing... something important. Can a new program known as "project freshStart" help her find it?

Install instructions

Download, open with WinRar and click the .exe file to launch!


Search_for_Happiness_1.2.0.rar 33 MB


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Interesting short novel with a very thought provoking point that is pretty deep for such a short story.  Also have some very wise words about life, out life here on earth as we know it.  I love it!

Watch my livestream of this right HERE:

Hey there!

Thanks so much for choosing my visual novel to livestream!  It was fun actually watching someone play through it and give feedback!  Yeah, this is a very existential matrix-like story.  I was reading about the theory of non-linear time and wondering 'what if the super AI we're trying to build has already been created and is already out there- and we are living in a sim situation right now?'  Haha my brain likes to ask me questions like this all the time ;) My other game Alive Inside is similar to this one- it's about a terminally ill girl who volunteers to be the first person to have her mind transferred to the digital world. She thinks it's going to be like Lyra's world but it ends up being nothing even close to that o.O  Thanks again! Take care!